The Complete Digital Marketing 2019 Guide

A comprehensive and easy to understand digital marketing guide, this is the one for you.

This is your Complete Digital Marketing 2019 Guide aimed to give you the full run down on everything you need for your digital marketing journey. Whether you’re a beginner student or a professional, we’re here to offer you the skills and knowledge you need to be the next digital marketing wiz. Digital Marketing


We are all in the world of social media.

This is the very reason why it’s a great tool for B2B & B2C companies who aim for increased leads, sales, brand exposure and referrals. These are also good for improving SEO since the shares your site gets is part of the major factors Google considers for a better rank.

In order to truly succeed in using social media, you must be able to integrate it in all your activities because it is now a big part of digital corporate culture. It is a place where everyone in your brand can further its reach and the networking power.


Content Marketing / Lead Generation


When you use Content Marketing, it goes beyond simply creating blog posts on your site about your product. Rather, it goes into discussion of more general topics. What are these topics? They’re chosen based on the community’s interest so it has more appeal compared to product content which features more specific problems. Whenever you create content, keep in mind that this is all about the customers’ preferences than about your product. This is what gets their attention early in the sales process.

It’s easier to activate customers to make a small action like reading a blog post that getting them to immediately buy a product or review one. This content is also shareable which will gain you more web traffic.

You can get more attention when you are offering to educate them, apart from selling a product. This will build their trust which is significant in breaking into an established market.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail is the spine of any effective automated marketing strategy because it delivers your message directly to your customer’s inbox. It needs an efficient strategy and a purpose of achieving a larger goal.

To get started on e-mail marketing, you must add a newsletter subscription option in your website or Facebook page. Once they are subscribed you can start sending them a set of auto-responder emails. The aim is to gain trust by creating insightful and education information for your prospects. These e-mails should be designed and produced carefully as they will convince your subscriber about how your content is something they need to read.

Once you are able to obtain more subscribers, you are then able to heighten your converts by so much more. This is due to the fact that people who buy via e-mail spend 100% more than those who don’t. Surprisingly, it also has more converts than social media and is at least three times higher so it is definitely something to tap into.

Direct Response Advertising

Direct response Advertising makes use of paid advertisements offered to customers while they are browsing the internet. It involves the following channels:

  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing

Paid Search Advertising


search ads paid eoi digital

Paid Search Advertising is when you pay to place text ads on search engines like Google. Why would you want to do this? Simply because it’s one of the most effective advertising channels to use both traditionally and digitally. You also get to control the keywords that bring up your ad and bring you prospects that are ready to buy.

Almost all of the big search engines have a real-time auction system in running their ads. This is so advertisers specify keywords that pop up when users search. You will then place a maximum bid on each keyword. From there, when a prospect searches this keyword, all the advertisers are entered into a real time auction and the one with the most relevant ad and highest bid will win. You will then get the prized position of your ad being at the top spot.

Keywords can be added and edited as you through the process and learn new keywords that users are using. There are many tools like Google Analytics to measure the conversion rates and ROI for the keywords you bid on.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising, meanwhile, is a more visual process. You get to create banners and video ads that will appear on websites and blogs. This is a great channel for creating brand awareness and increasing clicks to your website.


This can be related to display advertising as it is also a visual activity and something you can probably relate to. It’s when you visit an e-commerce website and you browse for items and when you click off and go onto other websites, you notice ads from that same shopping website. It’s usually the exact products you viewed from the first one. This process is better known as remarketing which is a display advertising technology that lets the advertiser serve ads to buyers that have already been to the site. It’s significant because of the following:

  • Increase response rate of up to 600% over traditional banner ads
  • Focuses on prospects that have already show interest for your product
  • Triggers a brand recall
  • Speeds up the buying process

These can be purchased through ad networks like Google AdWords, Youtube and Double Click. These usually costs 1/3 of the search ads.

Affiliate Marketing

When you watch any sponsored YouTube video or Instagram post, do you notice the voucher? They usually give this for the item they’re promoting. This may also be called as a re-seller or commission program. This type of marketing allows third party companies refer business onto your site and they will receive a referral fee for it. This is usually ranging from 5%-15% of the subscription price.

If you’re a company with a product to sell, it’s pretty simple to set up this program and track your referrals. You may recruit affiliates using low-cost softwares. You can also create a part of your site to explain the program for future affiliate partners.

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